WET-ACMI Leasing

Aircraft Leasing is a preferred option due to low capital yield in the initial investment stages where we offer you the solution and peace of mind. We cover short term and long-term leases on various aircraft on an ACMI (Aircraft; Crew; Maintenance and Insurance) basis, exclusively between two airlines. Whereby one airline (The Lessor) provides the aircraft to the other airline (The Lessee) who pays the hours operated. The Lessee covers all the operating costs, for example, (but not limited to) provides fuel, airport fees and covers any other duties and taxes.

DAMP leasing

Damp lease or AMI – AMI (Aircraft, Maintenance and Insurance) is similar to an ACMI or wet lease,but the crew is provided by the lessee. Damp lease includes the provision that crew provided by the lessee undergo safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) training for the particular type of leased Aircraft.

DRY Leasing

The lessor leases just the Aircraft to a lessee. This transaction excludes the provision of crew,maintenance and Insurance. The lessee has to acquire an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and provide registration for the Aircraft. Dry leases are offered ot the lessor without crew, insurance, maintenance, ground staff or supporting equipment. Dry leases are offered to major airlines and operators holding an AOC, these can be structured from 2 years upwards depending on the airline or operator needs. A typical dry lease will  consist of a fixed monthly figure and a maintenance reserves figure for future scheduled maintenance payments based on the hours flown. Mandate Letter MUST be requested from the Lessee on specific deal and term basis. On the agreement phase Fly Rom will send it’s commission agreement to the Lessee to be signed before commencing any further negotiations. Agreement will be prepared under the necessary terms and conditions then signed between Lessor and Lessee

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